Wednesday, 25 October 2017

My teacher thinks i am...

My teacher thinks i am reading but really... I am sailing the bumpy seas on a big cruise boat.

My teacher thinks i am listening but really…I am eating popcorn in the movie theaters waiting for the movie to start.

My teacher thinks i am writing but really… I am sitting on the couch watching movies on netflix.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Where i am up to in my WIT

For my wit my group are up to sharing our recourse with room 6&7 this is the email.
We would like to come into your classroom to share with 5 of your children our finished WIT resource. Can you let us know when we could come in. it would take about 30 minutes.

Thank you 😀
From Amber, Ella and Sophie from Tuhono
We got a reply from the teacher for us to go at 9:30 am on friday 15/9/17. My group can't wait to share our blog!!!

Monday, 11 September 2017

I know how to do my new goal!!! :)

My new goal that i just got, i just figured out how to do it and now i need a new goal. YAY

My new goal!

My new goal is to Know the number of 10s and 100s in a 4 digit number. I set this goal on the 12/9/17.

Prove it

This is my prove it for my goal ordering fractions. I ordered it from smallest to the biggest. Down the bottom is the mixed fractions and at the top is the ordered fractions.
1/13 is the smallest because it has the smallest piece shaded.

cross country

Cross country
For the cross country i did the fun run with aria. It was two laps of the school. For training i did a partner run, you could either do a run up the hill or the partner run. Last year there wasn't a fun run or a relay, i thought it was good to have a fun run, and a relay race so you got to choose how far you would run. A goal for next year for me will be to run faster. My highlight of the race was that i did better than last year.
I am not sure what place i came.